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Visual Colorimeter

Visual Colorimeter
Visual Colorimeter
Product Description
Visual Colorimter is a visual color measurement instrument, which adopts the internationally recognized special color -  color degree measurement of various liquid, colloidal, solid and powder samples.

Visual color matching method for the determination of material color of the instrument, can be used for cooking oil, plastic, textile, food, jam, grain, oil, rosin, spices, such as rubber material color measurement, transmission method is used for the liquid and transparent colored material measurement, reflection method is applicable to the non transparent surface color measurement.


Visual measurement of color matching to determine material color. Design in conformity with internationally accepted color scale .Simple structure and easy to operate.

Operational Features 

The instrument consists of a standard whiteboard, colorimetric boxes, color filter and a tube group consisting of colorimetric box made of a metal casing structure, Its inner surface coated with a uniform white matt paint, left and right there are two zsW milk white bulbs, each of them with a whiteboard ± Gou ° angle, by two Metal plates forming a diffuse light box to ensure that the two field observation have the same lighting conditions. There is a rectangular groove bottom, with Place in length is less than than the 180- cuvette, the rear cover opened two holes with a standard whiteboard, and sometimes mounted below a hole Non-transparent samples to be tested (sample loading jig can be used to buy the factory), compared to the previous color box portion of a filter cartridge.

To move freely in the groove, the groove board has mounted for a viewing tube spiral. Mounted on the rear panel power switch can be controlled simultaneously Two light bulbs.
Observation tube below the optical system and the light reflected ° field of view divided into about two parts, the left part of the display like Color products, the right of the display color temperature correction filters filter blue color of Lufthansa, the spiral tube for correcting the light source.

The field of view of a two-part color visual effect legislation that section to the same or equivalent method is called color matching, It works ratio Comparing color measurement instrument on the application of this principle. Drug measured object color filters and color filters and color through the optical path, respectively Appeared at the eyepiece field of view, the adjustment filter.

  • Measurement range:
          Red R0.1-R79.9
          Yellow R0.1-R79.9
          Blue R0.1-R49.9
          Neutral 0.1- 3.9

  • Minimum Reading: 0.1
  • Weight (Gross): 13kg
  • Overall dimensions: 620mm 440mm 300mm
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