Ultrasonic Cable Height Meter

Ultrasonic Cable Height Meter
Ultrasonic Cable Height Meter
Product Description

The Ultrasonic Cable Height Meter with the Horizontal Adapter can be used for depth measurement, (examples: An elevator shaft or well) provided there is sufficient width to permit a proper ultrasonic reflection. (1.4m either side of the centre of ultrasonic beam at 23 metres distance) 


  • For measuring the height up to 6 cables together
  • Convenient to take measurement, easy to aim at the measuring position and to read measuring results.
  • For measuring the distance between wire and wire
  • Be applicable to different use of cables
  • Uses large measuring sensor, higher accuracy than existing cable height meter in market
  • Compact and easy to take along.
  • For measuring dimension of house and distance between objects
  • The temperature compensation function enables the unit compensates error automaticlly under the temperature of -10C+40c, and ensures the measuring accuracy on different temperature conditions

Product Description:

Technical Specifications

  •  Range (25mm cable mini) :  3~23m
  •  Range (12mm cable min) :   3~15m
  •  Range ( 5.5mm cable min) :  3~12m
  •  Range  ( 2.5mm cable min) : 3~10m
  •  Horizontal measuring range :  3~18m
  •  Operating temperature range : -10~40C
  •  Resolution(range<10m) : 5mm
  •  Resolution(range > 10m) : 10mm
  •  Measuring accuracy : 0.5%+-2d
  •  Minimum gap between wires : 150mm
  •  BOT mode : measuring the height of the most lower 6 cables   
  •  Top mode : measuring the height of  the most higher 6 cables 
  •  Auto power off delay : 120s
  •  Low battery alarm : 7.2v+-0.2V
  •  Imperial & metric unit transition         
  •  Displays real time temperature                                  
  •  Operating voltage : 9V 6F22
  •  Product Dimision :  75 x72 x 200mm
  •  Product Net Weight : 205g  
  • Individual Cable Height Measurement : Yes -Bottom to Top, or Top to Bottom 
  • Minimum Gap between Cables : 15cm 
  • Includes : Carry case, Vinyl Pouch, Battery 9V, Horizontal Adapter.

Measurement Applications:

  • Electrical, Forestry, Industrial, Mining, Overhead cables, Tree branches, Elevator shafts, Depth of Wells.
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