Qualicoat Powder Coating Inspection Kit

Qualicoat Powder Coating Inspection Kit
Qualicoat Powder Coating Inspection Kit
Product Description


  • As a Authorized dealer we are engaged in providing the broad assortment of Elcometer Digital Inspection Kits.
  • Elcometer Qualicoat Powder Coating Inspection Kit
  • The Qualicoat Organisation brings together the ideals of several national coating associations into one quality label for the powder coating  to aluminium architectural applications.
  • The aim of Qualicoat is to establish the minimum standard that plant installations, coating materials and finished products which have been powder coated must meet.
  • Within this quality label, Qualicoat identifies a range of inspection requirements to be undertaken with regards to the quality control of powder coated products.
  • The Elcometer Qualicoat Powder Coating Inspection Kit provides the various test instrumentation required to meet the high standards of this organisation. 





Elcometer 480

Statistical Glossmeter: 60

Model B

Model T

Elcometer 1506

Mandrel Bend Tester with 5mm and 8mm (0.20 and 0.31) Mandrels

Elcometer 1615

Base Unit and Tube Assembly

Elcometer 1615 

Kit B: ISO 6272/2 and BS 6496

Elcometer 1620

Manual Cupping Tester with Digital Gauge

Elcometer 215

Oven Data Logger & Kit 



Elcometer 415

FNF Integral Digital Coating Thickness Gauge for smooth surfaces

Elcometer 456

FNF Separate Digital Coating Thickness Gauge

Model T

Elcometer 456 

Standard FNF 1 Probe, 0 - 1500m

Elcometer 1542

Cross Cut Set 6 x 1, 2, 3mm with ISO or ASTM Adhesive Tape

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