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MatchColor Software
MatchColor Software
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As a Authorized dealer we are engaged in providing the broad assortment of wide gamut of optical instruments.Match Color is a full software with 6 modules. As far as it is very complete, it is mainly dedicated to big factory which have a color laboratory with colorist using it all day long. The 6 modules are:

  • Color Quality Control with different indexes (WI, YI, Opacity, Color strength) and graphics.
  • Approach Search which allows to classify all colors in a file (spectral or formulas files) from a standard.
  • Colorant Characterization: This module uses a spectral file of all colorants letdowns (some mixtures with white and one with black) and measurements (made in general with quality control module). It allows calculating and displaying the fitting curves of K (light absorption) and S (light diffusion) versus concentration. It allows building up what we call a colorant file.
  • Formulation by Combination: This formulation module combines all the colorant of a colorant file to calculate thousands of formula and display the best regarding DE, price or metamerism. 
  • Manual/Automatic Formulation: With this module, the user selects manually the colorants he wants to use in the formula. Then formulation can be calculated automatically by curve fitting or by color coordinate. This mode can be very useful in a research laboratory to do simulations
  • Correction Module: 2 correction modes are available: - Correction by reformulation. The software calculates a new formula which give the correction to match the standard - Correction by adding. The software calculates the minimum quantity of each colorant you need to add in a given basic quantity. This mode is also used to recycle work off products.

Match Color can support various models of spectrophotometer.

Product details 


fitting curves of K (light absorption) and S (light diffusion) versus concentration.



Provide Installation Service



Documentation,Live Online

classify all colors

Spectral or formulas files

Indexes & Graphics

WI, YI, Opacity, Color strength


Display the best regarding DE, price or metamerism

Correction Module

Correction by reformulation., Correction by adding

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