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Impact Tester

Impact Tester
Impact Tester
Product Description

As an Authorized dealer we are engaged in providing the broad assortment of Material testing equipments. The impact tester has gained wide acceptance in testing the impact resistence of many types of coatings and substrates. A light duty impact tester is perfect for use with materials that have the ability to be damaged by small impact forces. An impact test can show results in a short period of time so that products can be adjusted for long term durability

 An impact tester offers the following details.

  • a solid base with a guide tube support
  • a slot in the guide tube to direct the weight that slides inside the guide tube
  • a collar that fits on the tube that helps the user slide the tube weight to the accurate height. 
  • graduated marks along the side of the slot to facilitate readings
  • a variety of dies, punches and weights to allow you meet ASTM specific test methods for testing impact resistance

Impact Tester shown in image is designed in accordance with the specification in ASTM and ISO Standards determination of paint film resistance to impact and the practical requirement of mechanical construction. The operation principle of the impact tester is by means of a weight that drops down from a specified height and impacts a painted panel under panel under test to result in its rapid deformation, and the film resistance to impact is then attained from observing the film to see if it cracks or peels off. 

The corresponding relation between the specific indenter and panel support:

  • ASTM D 2794- impact resistant performance of coatings
  • ASTM D 3029 - impact resistant performance of stick plastic panel {G method}
  • ASTM D 4226-impact resistant performance of PVC

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