Haze Meter

Haze Meter
Haze Meter
Product Description

As a Authorized dealer we are engaged in providing the broad assortment of wide gamut of optical instruments.Measurement of Haze and Transmittance of the parallel plane sample of all transparent and translucent ( e.g. plastic board or sheet). Haze meter is applicable in all transparent and semitransparent parallel level material for testing transmittance and haze degree. 

Microcomputer control and easy to operate. Display of transmittance and haze at the same time.


  • ASTM D1003-61 (1997): Standard Test Method for Haze and Luminous Transmittance of Transparent Plastics and JISK7105. 
  • LED the transmittance and haze degree of transparent at the same time
  • With USB interface to connect to PC to save data. 
Technical parameters: 

  • Testing range:
  • Transmittance: 0-100.0%
  • Haze degree: 0-30.00% 
  • (absolute measurement), 
  • 30.1-100% 
  • ( relative measurement) 
  • Accuracy:
    • Transmittance: 1% 
    • Haze degree: when H0.5%, 0.1%; 
    • when H0.5%, 0.3% 
    • Display average value of transmittance and haze degree automatically.
    • Take over by integral ball
    • C clamp-house
    • LED display
  • Minimum reading:
    • Transmittance degree: 0.1%;
    • Haze degree: 0.01% 
    • Automatically operation system
    • Transmittance degree and haze degree can be switched automatically;
    • Calibrate automatically.
  • Warming time: 30 minutes
  • Sample size:
  • Solid standard sample: 50mm50mm
  • Solid full-page proof: width: 380mm, thickness: 130mm
  • Flume size: 50mm50mm10mm
  • Film size: 50mm5

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