Densito meter

Densito meter
Densito meter
Product Description

As a Authorized dealer we are engaged in providing the broad assortment of wide gamut of optical instruments for various applications. Densitometer measure the amount of transmitted light for radio graphic testing developed and known for accurate reading, favorable stability and convenient operation are its user friendly features. It can be widely used in various industries, including nondestructive testing (NDT), Printing and Medical treatment.

3000 series black-white densitometer is used for measuring the blackness of films; it has advantages of accurate reading, high stability, strong anti-interference capacity, attractive appearance and easy operation. It can be widely used in the fields such as nondestructive testing, sensitive materials, printing industry and medical industry etc. each unit is equipped with density tablet and calibration software for testing its accuracy.

The inclusive density film with the machine is used for calibration.


Density Range

D=0.00 -4.00 (DM3010)
D=0.00 -4.50 (DM3010A)
D=0.00 -5.00 (DM3011)



Measuring Error

0.00 -2.00 0.02
2.00 -4.50 0.05
4.50-5.00 0.06


50 ~ 60Hz, 100V-120V or 200V-240V

Power Dissipation


Aperture Size

Dia. 2mm


Three digital display

Light Source

27pcs LED

Sampling Time

0.8 s

Communication Port

RS232 Port, optional USB connection

Working Environment

Temperature 0 ~40 , Relative humidity(RH) 85%


260 x 265 x 110 (H x W x L)




Unique calibration software which allows precise user calibration to a certified step wedge.

How to Calibration

  • Prepare a regular standard density tablet.
  • Type the standard values of density tablet and original measured values of  densitometer in the corresponding textbox in ascending order.
  • Press calibration button to pop up the dialog box of calibration curve equation, the  calibration parameter which need to download to the instrument can be check here.
  • Press the confirm button to transmit calibration datas from software to densitometer, the windows displays when completed.

Note: The calibration is effectively only after restart the densitometer when 3  appears.

The meaning of densitometer window shows


Zero Prompt


Exceed the measurements limit prompt


Calibration download success prompt


Delete calibration data success prompt


Read the device version number success prompt

Black-white densitometer is a precision measuring instrument. It should be keep away from dusts, humidity, alkaline and acid objects, and magnetic fields.

The dust is easy to fall in to the light aperture, so after a period of time, if the instrument donot display 0.00 when calibrating, please open the light source shell with tape, then gently wipe the dust on the light-emitting diode with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol to ensure the normal use of the instrument.

 When the density values are out of the prescribed range, the measurement data are still has reference value.

Scope Of Supply :

  • Densitometer
  • Standard Step Density Tablet
  • Power Cable
  • RS-232 Serial Port Cable
  • Software CD for Auto Calibration Quality Certification

Film density is measured with a densitometer which simply measures the amount of light transmitted through a piece of film using photovoltic sensor

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