Blast Nozzle Gauge

Blast Nozzle Gauge
Blast Nozzle Gauge
Product Description
As an Authorized dealer we are engaged in providing the broad assortment of Elcometer, UK make "Surface Cleanness and Preparation equipment".

The Elcometer 103 Blast Nozzle Gauge is a simple tool designed to give a quick and easy measurement of the orifice size of an abrasive blasting nozzle. Proper use of this gauge can determine nozzle orifice wear which can cause low nozzle pressure and decreased efficiency in the performance of the nozzle's venturi.

This wear results in decreased productivity, increased abrasive consumption and improper surface profile.

Product details 


200 x 19mm (7.87 x 0.75")

Model Name/Number

Elcometer 103


150g (5.29oz)


measures the orifice size of an abrasive blasting nozzle.

Measuring Range

6.4 - 16mm, 1/4 - 5/8" (81-548CFM)

Inside gauge

wax/grease pencil


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