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Banana Gauge

Banana Gauge
Banana Gauge
Product Description

The Elcometer 211 Coating Thickness Gauge measures non-magnetic coatings, including paint, hard chrome, electroplating, galvanising, powder coating, plastic, epoxy and rubber applied to a ferromagnetic base.

The traditional type banana gauge offered a display of the measurement in analog format which always required a certain amount of interpretation from the user, as this instrument has a digital indication this interpretation is no longer required turning the gauge into a very powerful measurement tool.

How to Measure Coating Thickness :

  • Place the end and middle of gauge on test surface. Rotate the thumb wheel forward until the magnet makes contact with the surface and the indication on the scale is above the estimated coating thickness, otherwise to maximum.
  • Rotate the thumbwheel back until magnet is released from surface, the indicator pops up and click is heard.
  • Stop turning immediately. Repeat to confirm the reading. 
  • Lift the gauge and read the thickness value on the scale in line with the pointer.

This is one of the most popular mechanical coating thickness gauges in the world.

  • Factory calibrated - with user calibration adjustment
  • Foils supplied to check calibration on site
  • Ideal for cold surfaces and underwater use
  • Small and portable with an accuracy ±5%
  • The V grooved base, ideal for pipeline inspection


  • Elcometer 211 Coating Thickness Gauge / Banana Gauge : 0 - 1000µm          
  • Elcometer 211 Coating Thickness Gauge / Banana Gauge : 0.65 - 6mm                       
  • Elcometer 211 Coating Thickness Gauge / Banana Gauge :  0 - 40mils            
  • Elcometer 211 Coating Thickness Gauge / Banana Gauge : 25 - 250mils
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