Viscosity Standard

Viscosity Standard
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All Viscosity Standarad are certified, accurate and traceable Viscosity Standards.

Please use the table below to determine which calibration Standard is required for your application . Viscosity Standard are supplied in ½ litre (500 ml) bottles

Viscosity standards in cSt 

  1. 0.47@20°C, 0.45@25°C, 0.41@37.78°C, 0.4@40°C
  2. 0.74@20°C, 0.70@25°C, 0.61@37.78°C, 0.60@40°C
  3. 1.3@20°C, 1.2@25°C, 1.0@37.78°C, 0.97@40°C, 0.87@50°C
  4. 2.9@20°C, 2.6@25°C, 2.1 @37.78'C, 2.0@40°C, 1.7@50°C
  5. 4.4@20°C, 3.9@25°C, 3.0@37.78°C, 2.9@40°C, 2.4@50°C
  6. 6.7@20°C, 5.8@25°C, 4.2@37.78°C, 4.0@40°C, 3.2@50°C
  7. 10@20°C, 8.7@25°C, 6.0@37.78°C, 5.7@40°C, 4.4@50°C
  8. 14@20°C, 12@25°C, 8.0@37.78°C, 7.5@40°C, 5.8@50°C
  9. 20@20°C, 16@25°C, 11@37.78°C, 10@40°C, 7.5@50°C
  10. 30@20°C, 24@25°C, 15@37.78°C, 14@40°C, 10@50°C
  11. 43@20°C, 34@25°C, 20@37.78°C, 18@40°C, 13@50°C
  12. 59@20°C, 47@25°C, 27@37.78°C, 25@40°C, 18@50°C
  13. 88@20°C, 66@25°C, 35@37.78°C, 32@40°C, 21 @50°C
  14. 110@20°C, 87@25°C, 48@37.78°C, 44@40°C, 30@50°C
  15. 160@20°C, 120@25°C, 60@37.78°C, 54@40°C, 35@50°C
  16. 210@20°C, 160@25°C, 83@37.78°C, 75@40°C, 50@50°C
  17. 320@20°C, 230@25°C, 110@37.78°C, 98@40°C, 61@50°C
  18. 400@20°C, 300@25°C, 160@37.78°C, 140@40°C, 90@50°C
  19. 550@20°C, 400@25°C, 200@37.78°C, 180@40°C, 110@50°C
  20. 790@20°C, 580@25°C, 280@37.78°C, 250@40°C, 160@50°C
  21. 980@20°C, 710@25°C, 340@37.78°C, 310@40°C, 190@50°C
  22. 1400@20°C, 1000@25°C, 470@37.78°C, 410@40°C, 250@50°C
  23. 1800@20°C, 1300@25°C, 590@37.78°C, 520@40°C, 310@50°C
  24. 2600@20°C, 1800@25° c, 850@37.78°C, 750@40°C, 450@50°C
  25. 3300@20°C, 2300@25°C, 1100@37.78°C, 940@40°C, 560@50°C
  26. 4900@20°C, 3500@25°C, 1600@37.78°C, 1400@40°C, 830@50°C
  27. 8400@20°C, 5300@25°C, 1900@37.78°C, 1600@40°C, 810@50°C
  28. 7900@20°C, 5800@25°C, 2800@37.78°C, 2500@40°C, 1500@50°C
  29. 19000@20°C, 12000@25°C, 4000@37.78°C, 3400@40 °C, 1700@50`C
  30. 28000@20°C, 17000@25°C, 6000@37.78°C, 5100@40°C, 2500@50°C
  31. 41000@20°C, 25000@25°C, 8000@37.78°C, 6700@40°C, 3200@50°C
  32. 58000@20°C, 36000@25°C, 10,000@40°C, 4900@50°C
  33. 77000@20°C, 47000@25°C, 13000@40°C, 6100@50°C
  34. I0,0000@207, 64000@25°C, 18000@40°C, 8500@50°C
  35. 79000@25°C, 28000@37.78°C, 23000@40°C, 11000@50°C
Note :

  • For every Batch manufactured Certificates of Analysis and safety data sheets available

  • Each standard is certified for...
Kinematic Viscosity (mm2/s,cSt)
Dynamic Viscosity (cP)
Density (g/ml) 

at a range of temperatures.
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