Ultrasonic Cable Height Meter

Ultrasonic Cable Height Meter

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As an Authorized dealer we are engaged in providing the broad assortment of NDT Instruments for wide range of application. The Ultrasonic Cable Height Meter with the Horizontal Adapter can be used for depth measurement, (examples: An elevator shaft or well) provided there is sufficient width to permit a proper ultrasonic reflection. (1.4m either side of the centre of ultrasonic beam at 23 metres distance) 
Product Description:

Size : 75 * 72 * 200mm 
Weight : 205g 
Power : 9v, Alkaline Batteries 
Color : Yello 
Brief Specifications:

Cable Diameter : 25mm; 12mm; 5.5mm; 2.5mm 
Distance (Height) : 10-75 ft/3-23m; 10-50 ft/3-15m; 10-39 ft/3-12m; 10-32ft. /3-10m 
Resolution : 5mm<10metres; 10mm>10metres 
Accuracy : 0.5% ± 2 digits 
Maximum Number of Cables : P to six cables 
Horizontal Distance Measurement : 3-18m With Horizontal Adapter provided 
Individual Cable Height Measurement : Yes -Bottom to Top, or Top to Bottom 
Minimum Gap between Cables : 15cm 
Includes : Carry case, Vinyl Pouch, Battery 9V, Horizontal Adapter.

Measurement Applications:

Electrical, Forestry, Industrial, Mining, Overhead cables, Tree branches, Elevator shafts, Depth of Wells.