Ultrasonic Cable Height Meter

Ultrasonic Cable Height Meter
Product Description

The Ultrasonic Cable Height Meter with the Horizontal Adapter can be used for depth measurement, (examples: An elevator shaft or well) provided there is sufficient width to permit a proper ultrasonic reflection. (1.4m either side of the centre of ultrasonic beam at 23 metres distance) 


1. For measuring the height up to 6 cables together
2. Convenient to take measurement, easy to aim at the measuring position and to read measuring results.
3. For measuring the distance between wire and wire
4. Be applicable to different use of cables
5. Uses large measuring sensor, higher accuracy than existing cable height meter in market
6. Compact and easy to take along.
7. For measuring dimension of house and distance between objects
8. The temperature compensation function enables the unit compensates error automaticlly under the temperature of -10C+40c, and ensures the measuring accuracy on different temperature conditions

Product Description:

 Technical parameter                Techical Specifications

 Range (25mm cable mini) :  3~23m

 Range (12mm cable min) :   3~15m

 Range ( 5.5mm cable min) :  3~12m

 Range  ( 2.5mm cable min) : 3~10m

 Horizontal measuring range :  3~18m

 Operating temperature range : -10~40C

 Resolution(range<10m) : 5mm

 Resolution(range > 10m) : 10mm

 Measuring accuracy : 0.5%+-2d

 Minimum gap between wires : 150mm

 BOT mode : measuring the height of the most lower 6 cables   

 Top mode : measuring the height of  the most higher 6 cables 

 Auto power off delay : 120s

 Low battery alarm : 7.2v+-0.2V

 Imperial & metric unit transition         

 Displays real time temperature                                  

 Operating voltage : 9V 6F22

 Product Dimision :  75 x72 x 200mm

 Product Net Weight : 205g  

Individual Cable Height Measurement : Yes -Bottom to Top, or Top to Bottom 
Minimum Gap between Cables : 15cm 
Includes : Carry case, Vinyl Pouch, Battery 9V, Horizontal Adapter.

Measurement Applications:

Electrical, Forestry, Industrial, Mining, Overhead cables, Tree branches, Elevator shafts, Depth of Wells.

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