Elcometer Blasting Inspection Kit

Elcometer Blasting Inspection Kit

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As a authorized dealer we are engaged in providing the broad assortment of Elcometer, UK make "Protective Coatings Inspection Kits". TheElcometer Blasting Inspection Kit is a Surface Preparation Inspection Kit providing a range of inspection equipment includes glit blasting equipment, stand blasting equipment, shot blasting equipment and abrasive blast equipmentto test surface profile and surface contamination of blasted profiles. 

The Elcometer Blasting Inspection Kit is a surface preparation inspection kit providing a range of inspection equipment to test surface profile and surface contamination of blasted profiles.

An Elcometer 456 Gauge and probe can also be supplied. (Order separately if required).

Measurement parameters include:


  • §  Surface assessment
  • §  Blast equipment inspection
  • §  Surface profile
  • §  Surface contamination





Kit 1

Kit 2

Elcometer 128

Pictorial Standards1

Elcometer 102

Needle Pressure Gauge

Elcometer 103

Blast Nozzle Gauge

Elcometer 125

Surface Comparator, Grit


Elcometer 125

Surface Comparator, Shot


Elcometer 122

Testex Tape, Coarse


Elcometer 122

Testex Tape, Extra Coarse


Elcometer 124

Testex Dial Thickness Gauge


Elcometer 224

Surface Profile Separate Gauge, Model T


Elcometer 224

Standard Separate Probe 


Elcometer 142

Dust Tape Test Kit


Elcometer 134

Chlor*Test Surface Testing Kit

Elcometer 134

Chlor*Test Abrasive Testing Kit

Elcometer 134

Chlor*Test Water Testing Kit

Elcometer 138

Bresle Salt Kit2


Elcometer 138/2

Surface Contamination Kit



Data Management Software & USB Cable



¹ Swedish Rust Standard ISO 8501, SIS055900 supplied in Metric Kit 
US Standard SSPC VIS 1-01 and VIS-3 supplied in Imperial Kit

2 Supplied with Elcometer 135C Bresle Test Patches (x50)